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All That Glitters is set in the world of Xaikatis, a land with strong elemental ties and many long-forgotten secrets. Each of the 4 main landmasses is aligned with a particular element. Legends tell of a fifth continent, Yelgu, sunken somewhere in the Kallidri Sea. However, though many expeditions have attempted to find such a place, none have borne fruit as of yet. There are a great many smaller islands that dot the vast oceans, with a large proportion surrounding Ipmaere, due to its high level of volcanic activity.


Building Your Character

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  • Other Information:

    • Shapeshifters on every corner of Xaikatis were subjected to a great and terrible purge many millennia ago, though the reason why has been completely lost to time. As a result, the Druid's Wild Shape ability works differently than normal, and the polymorph family of spells does not exist.
    • The background of many of the long-established D&D races has changed significantly. The descriptions of each race provide important information about them and the history of Zaelu-Kil-Tane as a whole, and are recommended reading.
    • Instead of rolling for ability scores or using point buy, we will be using an assortment of arrays. Choose one of the following from the list, or roll a d4 to determine which set of scores you'd like to use:

      1. 15|14|13|12|10|8
      2. 16|14|12|10|10|8
      3. 14|14|14|12|10|8
      4. 15|15|12|10|10|9

Main Page

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